John Verrico

torch·bear·er / tôrCH ber?r/ noun

1. person who leads or inspires others in working toward a valued goal.
2. person who brings enlightenment, truth, knowledge or inspiration.

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John Verrico

Meet John Verrico

Based in Waldorf, Maryland, John Verrico - Speaker/Trainer/Humorist is a training professional, problem-solver, and motivational speaker focusing on communication and leadership. He has more than three decades of experience as a public affairs professional in the military, and in federal and state government agencies, working primarily in media, community and employee relations.

A Brief Background

John retired from the Navy Reserve as a Master Chief Journalist in 2005 and is former President of the National Association of Government Communicators. From his early childhood, John was taught by his father, John Fiore Verrico, to experience everything life has to offer and learn something new every day. Taking this advice to heart, John has worked across a broad spectrum of fields, including journalist, janitor, stand-up comic, electronics technician, short-order cook, disco dance instructor, and media spokesman, to name a few.

He earned a master's degree in organizational leadership from Norwich University and a bachelor's in communication from the University of the State of New York. John's spare time is devoted to reading, occasional cruise vacations with his wife of over 30 years, bad-movie parties with an eclectic group of friends, and collecting classic monster movie memorabilia, which he displays in his bizarre version of a man cave.

John has spoken at conferences, staff retreats, and special events for many groups and organizations, including:

West Virginia Public Health Association ♦ Greater Washington Employee Relocation Council ♦ DC Superior Court ♦ Society of Emerging African Leaders ♦ Treasury Executive Institute  ♦ North Montco Technical Career Center ♦ Pardada Pardadi Educational Society ♦ Howard University College of Pharmacy ♦ Trinity College of Washington ♦ Department of Health & Human Services ♦ International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers ♦ REMAX ♦ Virginia Recreation & Parks Society ♦ Capital Area Purchasing Association ♦ National Association of Government Communicators ♦ International Trade Center Management Associates ♦ Johns Hopkins Patient Financial Services ♦ Resolute Bank ♦ eGlobal Tech ♦ North American Rail Solutions ♦ H&M ♦ Project Management Institute ♦ KURE Pain Management ♦ Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Summit ♦ DC Department of Housing ♦ National Park Service ♦ St. Mary's County Health Department ♦ U.S. Customs & Border Protection ♦ National Press Club ♦ Purple Strategies ♦ SpineGuard ♦ South East Europe Public Sector Communicators ♦ National Counterterrorism Center ♦ National Defense University ♦ Washington Executive ♦ U.S. Navy Leadership Conference ♦ Advance Learning Institute ♦ Federal Communicators Network ♦ Nerd Night DC ♦ The Meridian Center ♦ DC Science Writers Association ♦ 12th Night Baltimore ♦ Maryland Duck Stamp Contest ♦ and many others.