John Verrico

torch·bear·er / tôrCH ber?r/ noun

1. person who leads or inspires others in working toward a valued goal.
2. person who brings enlightenment, truth, knowledge, or inspiration.

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Need a Master of Ceremonies for Your Event?

John Verrico can provide fun, entertaining and motivational frameworks for your event that are heavily peppered with humor to make them engaging and memorable!

Awards Ceremonies

Talent Shows

Holiday Parties

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Grand Openings

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Santa Pose

"Jingle the Freakin' Bells!"

Santa's Cousin Vinnie© 

is back!

   The Jolly Old Italian Elf from Brooklyn!   

"How you doin?"

A special entertainer or guest MC., Santa's Cousin Vinnie will make your holiday celebration memorable.

Audience participation, customized humor, and lots of surprises.  

Schedule NOW for your 2020 holiday event!

Santa Vinnie

"John Verrico is one of the funniest people I know. At a time when budgets were being slashed, staff were being laid off and morale was the lowest I'd ever seen, John concocted characters to lift spirits through hysterical antics as Santa's Cousin Vinnie and Vinnie da Bunny. John emceed many of our office holiday and going away parties as Vinnie and as himself, and it was always something we all eagerly looked forward to and enjoyed. He came in costume completely in character and people were literally falling off their chairs in laughter. No one has ever been able to motivate staff and entertain us the way he did."

- J. Y. Wheeler, Maryland Department of Natural Resources

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Support for Your Entire Event!

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Leading Games and Activities
Introducing Speakers and Topics
Facilitating Audience Participation
Wedding Officiant
Event Speaker John Verrico Officiates A Wedding John Verrico Officiating For Couple John Verrico Officiates Wedding on Beach in Bright Orange Suit Pardada Pardadi Fundraising Dinner - John with Sam Singh (founder) and Shivani (graduate)