John Verrico

torch·bear·er / tôrCH ber?r/ noun

1. person who leads or inspires others in working toward a valued goal.
2. person who brings enlightenment, truth, knowledge, or inspiration.

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Named 2015 Best Youth Motivational Speaker in Washington, DC by

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About the workshop:  

Thoughtful. Meaningful. Useful.  Re-light My Fire; Regain My Balance was all of these and a perfect way to help get through the times of today. By using questioning and visuals, John Verrico helped people to focus on what is important in life and how we can continue to balance life’s demands, and have time for our own pleasures. I loved how the presentation seemed like a bunch of people just having a conversation-though we were guided by our lead ‘torch bearer’, the workshop was informative, engaging, and allowed for a lot of reflective thinking. With John Verrico as our guide, we were able to focus on what might be “extinguishing our fires” and how we can get that flame back. If you have the opportunity to see John Verrico, he is certainly someone you do not want to miss!              ~ Lisa Bremer, NJ

What a wonderful workshop! This is just what the Dr. ordered after long days in the 'office'. John has the uncanny ability to make people stop, think and laugh out loud. There are no bystanders here. John weaves his way through the material while challenging participants to get involved. The 'Relight My Fire/Regain My Balance' workshop is an opportunity to spend quality time unwinding and re-focusing on what matters. This workshop is for those that don't seem to find quality time to reflecting on life's priorities and even consider changing things up a bit. John sprinkles work and life antidotes into the mix, making it all the more interesting. Highly recommend and hope to see you there! 

                 ~ Mitch Arnowitz, Tuvel Communications

"I thought it was awesome!" ~ Nikki S., Maryland 

"I enjoyed the presentation and learned from it...keep doing what you're doing!"  ~ Frank G.

"...a comfortable and engaging environment for his audiences." ~ Bill Anderson, U.S. Navy 


Group of People

"No prior speaker has EVER received the overwhelmingly positive feedback from my staff that has been showered upon John." - International Trade Center Management Associates

"...very engaging and has a fabulous sense of humor that made our retreat fun." - Taylor C.

"Thank you for the amazing, engaging and interactive guest lecture." - Trinity College DC

"There was a lot of energy and buzz after the program." - Treasury Executive Institute

"Thank you again for a wonderful and lively workshop." - Howard University

"I had the pleasure of enjoying John's work as he served as emcee of the recent memorial service for Peter Tork (of the Monkees and Shoe Suede Blues). That's not an easy gig, but John effortlessly guided the events of the day with a deft hand, navigating the emotions and flow of such an event. His material and delivery were appropriately gentle, sincere, funny, but always engaging. He demonstrated a real skill at both commanding the room and then smoothly receding into the background, as needed. He also happened to remain unflappable and employed quick-witted ad lib skills when faced with some minor technical glitches. Well-prepared, personable and professional, John would be a great addition to any event."

-- Christine Carlson Wolfe, ZILCH: A Monkees Podcast

Man O man! If you have not experienced listening to the great John Verrico, you have missed a real treat!!! His down to earth approach delivering an array of topics to enhance your personal development is second to none! He is well informed, a matter of fact, very funny, does what he says and demonstrates committment everyday! I've been the recepient of his tutelage while serving with him in the Navy Reserve! This man is a dynamic speaker, story teller and yes...very much the humorist! I trust John, I trust the information he conveys, I trust his approach and his respect for his audiences! I am a fan and you should be too if you are looking for a fresh approach to help elevate your goals, follow this extraordinary communications aficionado and get real results. John has a keen talent to help people gain the tools they may have not been unaware of identify their strengths! He is genuine dude! Follow John Verrico! Follow John Verrico! Follow John Verrico....No! I was not paid to give this testimontial!!! I just have a deep respect for this incredible man and teacher!  ~ William Anderson

“John did a great job at our 2016 we brought John back for our 2017 Conference by audience demand.”  - Virginia CAPA

"Thank you for igniting that motivating spark in me again!"  - JHMU

"We're all energized!" - North American Rail Solutions

"All of my graduate students left class with a 'high-boost of energy' and a 'can-do spirit' after listening to one of John's engaging, witty and motivating speeches." - National Defense University

"John did a great job keeping attendees engaged, laughing AND made them think in the process. Exactly what we wanted!" – Mid-Atlantic Teleheath Resource Summit


Two Men

"John got on stage and I don't remember how time flew by. All of the audience was glued to their seats." - PMI-Washington DC

"If you are looking for a quality speaker for your event, John Verrico is highly recommended!"
- Lauren M.

"Insightful, fun and thought-provoking." - Treasury Executive Institute

"I didn't take notes because I didn't want to be distracted...but I remembered everything." - T. B.

"Our group needs more of this ... The humor fits right into our company meetings." - KURE Pain Management

"I was supposed to leave and take a call, but I stayed because I wanted to hear the rest of what John had to say."  - IBEW 4th District

"We had fun, we gained valuable insight, and we thank John for “relighting our fire.'”
- U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services OLR

"Thought-provoking and inspirational...combined with a wonderful sense of humor." - United Nations Development Programme 

"It doesn’t take long to realize that John is a great storyteller, plain and simple ... He has a way of entertaining while still delivering sound, practical business knowledge." – Glen Thomas, Memphis International Airport

People with Arms Outstretched

"John was great to work with. He interacted with the audience, and his message was spot on with the program outlined for our member's meeting. I would highly recommend John and believe his message brings great value to any organization facing change in today's fast paced and demanding environment. Thank you, John, for a great presentation!"

 -- Tim Bonette, Greater Washington Employee Relocation Council

Two Women at a Table

"Thank you for coming in and blowing everyone away!"  - D.C. Housing Authority

"...funny, refreshing and motivating. He really energized the room!"  - Salisbury Management

"John was everything we were looking for in a motivational speaker. "  - IBEW Benefits Conference

"...very funny!"  - eGlobal Tech

"That was epic!"  - - NCTC

"A very articulate, entertaining, and substantive speaker.” – ASMII

John at Party
"I thought John was amazing and very funny. My guests loved him as well. I booked John for a birthday party. I wanted him to be funny and give a positive word to carry on throughout life for all the ages that would be attending... John gave so much more! I would recommend John as a speaker for any type of will be happy you did. He will meet with you first to make sure he is completely sure of what you would like him to speak on, then he comes out and gives you 150%! Thank you did a fantastic job!"

-- Elaine R.

"I scheduled John's presentation after lunch to help keep our group energized. He did an amazing job and was able to keep everyone engaged. In addition to keeping the group entertained, he was able to make connections between the activities he was doing and the motivational message he was delivering. Everyone enjoyed it greatly."

-- Sheila Warner, Somerset County Local Management Board

John Leading Activity


"John's humor and stories really supported the lessons that he wanted to teach. I am still laughing ... I am looking forward to the next time I have the opportunity to hear John speak."

-- Chip Souser, Hewlett Packard